Cute Outfit Ideas on What to Wear on a Day Date

Day dates are a great chance to get to know someone in a low pressure environment. It also opens you up to more options on how to spend your time together (no need for just dinner or drinks). And since day dates are more casual, you can choose something from your wardrobe that is day-time appropriate. Just remember to keep your makeup natural since you will probably be outdoors, select footwear that is comfortable since you may be out for a bit, and have fun!

Here are a few outfit ideas on what to wear for your next day date:

Sight Seeing:

Bohemian stone bracelet perfectly pairs with an orange top

This adorable spring outfit combines all the best things about good weather: bright bold colors, white skirts, and trendy straw hats. Top it all off with beautiful organic stone bracelet, and antiqued silver earrings, and are ready to venture out in to town. {Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore}

Outdoor Concert:

Chic triple chain necklace amps up colored denim and white top

Since day dates are casual trying dressing it down with your favorite hue of colored denim to create an outfit like the one above. Throw on a simple white top (no need to make it complicated), and you can pair the look with a stylish three strand chain necklace, some gold dangle earrings, and a hamsa hand bracelet. {Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore}


Cutout sun dress pairs well with tiger eye earrings and gold cuff necklace

This lovely sundress will be comfortable and light for any outing, especially if it involves a picnic. Keep your hair back with this yellow headband to show off your new tiger eye earrings and add a gold cuff bracelet to finish the outfit. Remember you want to be comfortable, so stick with these beautiful brown leather sandals.  {Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore}


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What to Wear to an Interview – Four Essential Style Tips for Women

There are a lot of necessary steps when preparing for a job interview: researching the company, looking up the profiles of the people you will be meeting with, and picking the appropriate outfit. But if you’re a woman, you’re probably also stressing about your attire. Instead of spending hours stressing about what to wear to an interview, use these helpful tips to select your perfect interview outfit:

  1. Dress Code: If you aren’t sure what to wear to the interview ask the HR manager or recruiter what the dress code is like at the office and dress accordingly. If the job is as at a skateboarding company, a suit probably won’t go over well. If you know the office wears business attire, you can be sure to avoid mistakes like open toed shoes. When in doubt, err on the side of conservative.
  2. Minimal: Job interviews are not the place to show off your impressive collection of neon bracelets, instead aim for minimalist fashion statements that won’t distract the interviewer. Of course if you are being interview to be a fashion designer, this may not apply, but you get the picture.
  3. Comfortable for Sitting: Remember that the majority of the interview will probably be done with you in a chair, so consider the length of your skirt, how your pants feel after sitting in them for an hour, and how your top or jacket looks when bent at the waist. The last thing you want to do is focus on how uncomfortable you are instead of the interview questions.
  4. Prepared: It is always important to be prepared! Have an extra copy of your resume in a folder, and if you have an iPad keep your portfolio queued up to illustrate the type of work that you can do.

Here are a few outfit ideas to inspire your next interview outfit:

Modern Suit:

What to wear to an interview - Tasteful silver necklace to wear with a grey dress

Try a modern spin on the traditional suit with this grey dress, it is an appropriate length, and you can add a little pop color with this cute pink iPad case.  Don’t forget to accessorize with some simple jewelry such as this silver twig bracelet, a long silver necklace, and some dangly silver earrings. {Shop the rest of the look on Polyvore}

The Suit:

Formal interview outfit - Classic tri-gold necklace worn with a black suit

Not every job interview requires you to show up in a suit, but when it does, make sure you do it right. Pair a classic black suit with a nude or pastel top and a nice understated pair of gold disc earrings and tri-gold necklace. They will be the perfect accessories to this more formal look. {Shop the rest of the look on Polyvore}

Business Casual:

Business casual interview outfit - bright blue top with formal black pants

When dressing for a business casual interview you are treading into a fashion landmine! On the one hand you don’t need a suit, but you can’t wear jeans right? Instead opt for a pair of dress pants and a nice top that isn’t a button down. Don’t go all out on the jewelry, stick with simple yet fashionable pieces like these gold and black teardrop earrings and hammered gold pendant. {Shop the rest of the look on Polyvore}

Have specific questions or have other ideas?

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Outfit Ideas: What to Wear on a First Date

First dates can be nerve wracking, but picking the right outfit can go a long way in quelling first date jitters. Of course picking the outfit has its own challenges, especially if you aren’t sure where you going, or what you will be doing. Here are a few rules for selecting just the right look:

  1. Dress up: Skip the jeans on a first date, there will be plenty of chances to dress down in the future, so bring your fashion A game. Wear something that makes you feel special and attractive, but don’t go overboard, you don’t want to come off as high maintenance. 
  2. Be comfortable: While a first date might feel like the right occasion to buy a new dress, avoid the urge! The last thing you need is an outfit that is untested, otherwise you might discover your dress sleeves keep falling or your new top pinches you. 
  3. Wear the right shoes: Part of the fun of a first date is not knowing what might happen! You could end up at a venue with no seating or change venues at some point, and you should select footwear that allows for that kind of flexibility. Now that doesn’t mean you have to abandon heels, but maybe scrap the really high stilletos that will make you teeter and totter or have aching feet. Instead opt for wedges or a ballet flats to stay comfortable and cute all night.
  4. Arrive prepared: Make sure to plan ahead for your date, get a pack of gum, a small container of perfume, a pack of tissues, anything to avoid that “whoops” moment when you realize you left unprepared.

Here are a few first date looks that are fun, fresh, and flirty:


Happy Hour is always a winning date option, low lights, drink specials, and lovely little booths to site in and stare at your date over your favorite cocktail. Don’t be afraid to wear a nice dress and throw in a green purse, some gorgeous black wedges, and just the right shade of lipstick.

Cute simple jewelry to wear with a black and white dress

{Shop this look :  Scribbled disc drop earrings // Hammered oval pendant necklace  // Emerald green stretch bracelet}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

Transition from Work:

Sometimes the best time to meet up after work, but that doesn’t mean you have to create a whole new outfit! Transition your day to night with a little pop of color (like some read shoes), and don’t forget your gum!

Statement necklace with a peplum white top

{Shop this look :  Twisted gold ‘snake’ earrings // Orange triple layer bib necklace}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

Coffee Date:

A cappuccino with a side of romance might be just what you need for a first date. Linger over a good cup of coffee in your favorite green dress and don’t forget to use a little perfume to complete the look.

Statement necklace to wear with a green dress

{Shop this look :  Lucite chain bib necklace // Long gold link dangle earrings}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

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Outfit Ideas: What to Wear with Combat Boots

Combat boots are not just for punk kids from the 90’s anymore, their resurgence in popularity have a lot fashionistas looking for different ways to wear them and unless your outfits regularly include military jackets, studs, and camo prints, it might be a little intimidating. Luckily there is no need to shave your head and pull out your old flannels to make this look work.

Combat boots are a great staple for any wardrobe and are very versatile, regardless of your personal fashion sense. Here are three distinct ideas on what to wear with combat boots that will get you inspired.

Combat Boots and Boyfriend Jeans:

Jennifer Anniston popularized this look when she was seen walking all over New York with Justin Theroux last year in this outfit. This outfit will be a relief to get in to because you will be comfortable and fashionable, just slide on your new boots and go. Be sure that the cuff of the pants come to the top of the boots, and then pair the looks with some simple jewelry and a comfortable top. This is grungy chic at its best!

What to wear with combat boots - weekend

{Shop this look :  Black and Gold Silk Fabric Belt  // Faceted Teardrop Earrings  // Long Gold Necklace with Assorted Charms}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

Combat Boots and Dresses:

This is the perfect way to toughen up an otherwise sweet dress. Take on this Spring’s trend of lace and pastel colors and with a pair of beat up “stompers” and you won’t be disappointed.

Cute outfit idea. How to wear combat boots with a dress.

{Shop this look :  Gold Feather with Charms Necklace  // Muted Yellow Gold Fish Bone Bracelet   //  Hammered Yellow Gold Bracelet with Pink Details // Gold Studded and White Bracelet}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

Combat Boots and Shorts:

If you do want to take your combat boots to an edgier level, pair them with some trendy studded shorts and spiked jewelry. Just don’t throw in the motorcycle, or you might become a cliche.

Outfit idea on what and how to wear combat boots with shorts this spring and summer.


{Shop this look : Dangle Silver Spike Earrings // Coral Tribal Silver Spike Necklace}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

So what would you wear your combat boots with? Post a link to your Polyvore set!

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Outfit Ideas: What to Wear with High Waisted Shorts

Some people get intimidated by the idea of wearing high waisted shorts, but when styled right they can be worn by anyone! High waisted shorts have the ability to lengthen the look your legs, slim down your waist line, and have the added benefit of looking retro and chic all at the same time.

Now, you don’t have to wear shorts that go above your belly button to take advantage of this trend, depending on your shape opt for the height that flatters you, and then follow these simple rules:

  1. Tuck in your shirt, no point in hiding the fact that you rocking this trend!
  2. Keep it simple on top, something like a tank top, or a nice button down will do wonders for your look and keep it from looking busy.
  3. Dare to go short! Balance out the length of the waist by showing a little more leg, and opt to wear heels to keep the look sophisticated.

Here are three unique and cute high waisted outfit ideas that will inspire you to take the plunge:

First Date
This classy outfit is perfect for a first date or a night out with friends, heads will turn when you walk through the door!


{Shop this look :  Red and Turquoise Brass Pendant Necklace // Hammered Gold Bracelet Pink Accents  // Black and Gold Silk Wallet}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

Channel your inner vixen with this bold Rockabilly ensemble. The key to this outfit is great heels, killer red lipstick, and the confidence to pull it off!


{Shop this look :  Leaf Gold Textured Bracelet // Teardrop Black and Gold Earrings}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

Summer Outing
Easy and fun, this summer outfit is perfect for an outing to the beach, pool, or local roof top bar. Just throw your hair up in a trendy top knot, slide some wedges on, and find an open cabana.



{Shop this look :  Turquoise and Gold Statement Necklace // Ethnic Gold Dangle Earrings}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

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