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We did a couple blog giveaways the past couple months. Both showcase interesting ways to use our belts and wallets. Check them out…

UC Berkeley’s BARE blog – interesting how a belt is used as a handbag strap.

You Look Fab – creative way of using a chain to make a wallet into a cute handbag.

Tell us what you think.

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Fun Ways to Wear a Scarf

Hi Everyone,

Woolen scarves are typically worn the traditional way during winter but if you have finer silk scarves, here are some fun ways to use them other than wearing it around your neck.

1. Skirt. Two scarves tied together at your hips can make the perfect cover for your swimsuit bottom.

2. Belt. Scarves can be used as women’s belts as well. Liven up your denim with a colorful scarf. Fold it to a belt width, run it through the loops, and knot. Simple.

3. Bikini top. Your scarf can be turned into a bikini top. Fold it twice, wrap it around your chest and tie the ends around your back.

4. One-shoulder top. A large scarf is needed to accomplish this perfect beach party top. Bring two corners together and tie over your shoulder. The other two corners are tied at your back or the side of your waist.

5. Shawl. Sport some statement fashion jewelry with a scarf draped over your shoulders and tied in a knot in the front.

6. Bag or Hat Accessory. Add some color to your bag or hat by tying a scarf around the handles of your purse or around the crown of your summery hat.

hermes scarf image from

7. Headband. Fold it lengthwise into a long strip, tie it at the base of your neck and allow the ends to fall down your back. Here is Nicole Richie wearing a fun yellow-orange scarf.

8. Bandana. A scarf can be used as a bandanna to protect your head from the sun. Fold it into a triangle and tie it at the base of your neck or under your chin. A fun alternative to wearing a hat.

9. Ponytail wrap. Add some style to your outfit by using a scarf to secure your hair. Wrap it around the base of your ponytail and spread it out over the length of your hair.

Have you used scarves in different ways? Comment and let us know.

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