What to Wear to a Concert this Summer

No matter the venue, scene, or genre, enjoying a summer concert is one of the best ways to celebrate the season. Wearing the right outfit means staying comfortable without compromising your style, especially if you’re lounging on the grass or watching the stage with standing room only. Here are some ideas on what to wear to a concert. These summer outfits will keep your event experience worry-free and fashion-forward!

Collared T-Shirt Dress: This outfit is perfect for hot summer weather, and retains a dose of chic urban polish. The collar and hat add structure while establishing the blue and tan color scheme. Denim and leather-toed espadrille flats reflect the colors of the hat, shades, and other accessories. As an important focal point, the artisan white crystal link bracelet features gold chain detailing, faceted white acrylic gems, and woven with navy suede.

What to wear to a concert - Blue Shirt dress with a hat

Dress | Hat | Bracelet | Bag | Sunglasses | Perfume | Shoes

Black Lace Crop Top with Kitty Purse: As a loveable style statement, this casual look is both trendy and unique. A cropped lace camisole and high waisted denim shorts help you beat the heat, and the statement cross-body bag secures easily by your side. Low-key jewelry details like the geometric silver nugget studs and the beaded charm bracelet offer a dash of metallic shine without getting in the way of your dance moves. To coordinate your footwear, simply add a pair of black leather sandals to the mix.

Concert Outfit for Summer - Lace top with cropped denim shorts

Earrings | Purse | Top | Shorts | Bracelet | Shoes

Kimono Cardigan with Peach Details: One of the biggest challenges of an evening summer concert is finding a comfortable look that transitions easily from day to night. Worry no more! This casually elegant outfit features a layered look within a look. Minimalist peach sandals and turquoise tassel earrings can work on their own with a basic white lace tank and jean shorts. When the sun sets and things cool down, a lightweight kimono cardigan can help keep you warm enough. Turquoise accents in the floral cardigan reflect the blue tones of the tasseled earrings.

Day to Night Concert Outfit - Cardigan paired with denim shorts and a white top.

Top | Shorts | Kimono Cardigan | Earrings | Shoes

Embroidered Shorts and Good Vibes: The concert scene is all about good vibes, which is why this graphic tank sets the perfect tone. A comfortable pair of huaraches keeps this look on-trend, while the embroidered textile shorts add a natural bohemian feel. Forest Green Raindrop Earrings add movement and a pop of color. A matching green clutch helps balance the leafy color palette without complicating the look.

These embroidered shorts and white tank top are perfect to wear to an outdoor concert.

Earrings | Shorts | Top | Shoes | Clutch

Scalloped Romper with Gold Accents:  If you’re looking for a refined feminine look that’s still easy to move around in, then this romper playsuit is for you. Light blue fabric, open yoke neck, and scalloped waistline make this an instant outfit classic. Delicate Petite Horseshoe Studs add a subtle dash of gold, and the cross body shoulder bag keeps things light. Add matching wide-strap wedges and a berry lipstick shade that pops!


Purse | Romper | Earrings | Lipstick | Nail Polish | Shoes

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Casual Summer Dresses | How to Style a Sundress

Sundresses come in all shapes and styles, from printed A-line silhouettes to solid maxi dresses. The airy, feminine cut of the sundress creates a prime style opportunity, even in the hottest summer weather. For printed looks, try adding subtle metallic details with jewelry and purses. For solid color dresses, introduce new textures with your choice of shoes and accessories. Statement necklaces or earrings help balance high rounded necklines, while bold earrings help highlight bare shoulders and thin straps. Here’s a look at some outfit ideas with casual summer dresses that are sure to turn heads.

Bright Floral Sundress: This vibrant look pairs a bright orange floral printed sleeveless sundress with subtle gold accents and bold footwear. The vintage-inspired color palette is reflected in the warm muted tones of the clutch, as well as the cat’s eye sunglasses. Adding a natural twist, the platform sandals keep this outfit dressy-casual, and therefore appropriate for a number of occasions.

Casual Summer Dresses - Red & White floral sleeveless sundress

Dress | Shoes | Bracelet | Clutch | Earrings | Sunglasses

White Maxi Sundress: Mixing light ethereal tones with textured details, this look is perfectly suited for hot weather. The loose casual fit of the maxi dress and thin spaghetti strap neckline create an airy feel that is well-suited for a day in the sun. Dangling handmade earrings, metallic bangle, and woven pointy flats add coherence to the look. Similarly, a blush pink clutch picks up the natural luminescent tones in the beaded earrings, adding just the right amount of color to this angelic outfit.

Casual White Sundress with Lace trim - Simple outfit for a hot summer day

Perfume | Shoes | Dress | Earrings | Clutch | Bracelet

V-neck Sleeveless Sundress: This super-versatile summer outfit mixes warm vintage tones and textures with mixed-metal jewelry. The handmade rose gold nugget necklace is fun, quirky, and unique. Its matching counterpart, chunky gold link earrings, add movement to the look and mirrors the ruffled waist. Last but not least, woven brown leather wedges pair nicely with the texture of the punched leather saddlebag.

Cute Summer Outfit - Mustard Yellow Sundress with Gold jewelry.

Dress | Purse | Shoes | Necklace | Earrings

Knit Sundress with Sleeves: This quirky ensemble fuses urban polish with casual-chic items. A nude, black, and white color trio is established in the shoulder bucket bag, and then echoed through the pointy toe flats and striped T-shirt sundress with sleeves. The handmade Victorian bicycle necklace creates a second theme, which reappears as a graphic on the natural wooden phone case. The loose fit of the dress allows for cool, breathable wear while staying on-trend. On hot days, comfort is key!

Simple knit sundress with sleeves and retro accessories.

Dress | Purse | Necklace | Shoes | Phone Case

Printed Sundress with Sleeves: As an ideal summer dinner look, this collection stays current with a bold prints and natural metallic pieces. The checker-print dress offers eye-catching contrast, while the raw handmade shape of the golden nugget jewelry adds subtle detail. The unique pairing is enhanced by natural light brown leather tones, and a chunky platform sandal.

Casual printed sundress with sleeves with studded shoes

Earrings | Shoes | Dress | Necklace | Purse

A-line Scoop Neck Sundress: The best way to have fun? A printed dress with quirky accessories, of course. This statement A-line dress features shark-printed fabric (yes, you read that right) and an adorable scoop tank neckline. For an added dose of trendiness, pair with golden nugget studs, metallic platform sandals, and a gold bangle. Balance the look with a rounded blush shoulder bag and prepare for a frenzy of compliments!

Casual Short White Sundress with neutral toned accessories.

Purse | Dress | Earrings | Shoes | Bracelet

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Summer Outfit Ideas – What to Wear with Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are the perfect look for spring and summer. They’re incredibly versatile, and can be easily dressed up or down for different occasions – be it a guest at a summer wedding or a dinner party. Styling your floral dress can present some challenges, and too much jewelry or conflicting patterns can reduce the coherence of your look. As a general rule of thumb, try sticking to solid colors, simple jewelry shapes, or neutral palettes. Here are some summer outfit ideas on what to wear with floral dresses.

Outfit #1: This look combines the delicate floral pattern of the dress with a few well-placed bold accessories. The Spiked Bib Necklace adds an edgy and refined detail to the sweetheart neckline, while the black sunhat and leather platforms echo the dark palette of the necklace. To avoid heavy accessorizing, pair with a pale pink clutch and matching sunglasses help retain the feminine balance of the look.

And elegant ivory dress - perfect for a summer lunch party

Dress | Shoes | Necklace | Clutch | Sunglasses | Hat

Outfit #2: A dressy-casual day look that combines pastel florals with mixed-metal jewelry and gladiator sandals. The Hammered Heart Pendant Necklace adds a delicate detail to the flowing neckline. Its dappled, handmade surface works perfectly with the eclectic Bronze and Gold Chain Toggle Bracelet, which adds some metallic shimmer without distracting from the color palette of the dress.

Casual summer outfit for a lunch by the pool or a walk in the park.

Dress | Bracelet | Necklace | Shoes | Clutch

Outfit #3:  Perfect for a date night, wedding party or dressy event! This polished floral look mixes neutral pastels with subtle metallic jewelry. The Handmade Geometric Gold Studs echo the warm metallic tones in the elegant Brass Crystal Chandelier Necklace. The gold edging of the clutch helps add continuation to the metallic theme, while the pastel jacket highlights a color from the dress pattern.

Navy floral summer dress with a pink petticoat

Dress | Earrings | Necklace | Clutch | Shoes | Sunglasses | Phone Case | Perfume

Outfit #4: Drawing inspiration from tropical colors, this outfit adds a little dose of paradise to your wardrobe. The matching Coral Pink Handmade Beaded Necklace and Handmade Charm Bracelet perfectly highlight the colors of the dress pattern. A solid color orange clutch and neutral brown heels enhance the look without detracting from the bold print.

Fantastic Ivory Dress with orange florals. Perfect girly outfit for a hot day.

Dress | Necklace | Clutch | Shoes | Bracelet | Perfume

Outfits #5 and #6:  This is a great example of the many ways to style a floral print dress. The easiest technique? Choose a bold color stud earring and matching shoes! The featured earrings (from left to right) include the Handmade Geometric Studs in Mint, Royal Blue (Dipped in Gold), and Peach. Add a neutral clutch, and you’re ready to roll.

Cute summer outfits - dark floral dresses and colorful shoes perfect for a night out.

Dress (Left) | Dress (Right) | Earrings (Green) | Earrings (Blue/Gold) | Earrings (Pink) | Clutch (Tan/White) | Clutch (Blue/Tan) | Clutch (Gold) | Clutch (Gray/White) | Shoes (Green) | Shoes (Blue) | Shoes (Purple) | Shoes (Pink)

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