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Fashion News, August 2015 – This month’s¬†fashion news roundup takes on tricky August outfit planning, fashion app technology, and one bizarre burst of viral tweets that set off a national debate about the right way to wear earrings. Sounds juicy, right? If you’ve been snoozing lately, here’s all you need to know about the stylish news you missed in one quick and easy rundown.

¬†#1: Lauren Conrad’s New Tuesday Ten: August Style Tips (Lauren Conrad Blog)

Lauren Conrad Style tips 2015

Lauren Conrad discusses some of the latest trends for staying fresh and fashionable this August. Her delightful top ten list features bold swimwear, palm prints, and a number of super-easy wardrobe hacks to put a little added pep in your (overheated) step. She’s got a great eye for simple, everyday fashion that anyone can adapt to meet their own tastes.

#2: How to Wear Trends Like a Fashion Editor (WhoWhatWear)


Sure, we don’t all have the budget of a top NYC fashion editor, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look like we do. Nicole Kliest from WhoWhatWear draws inspiration from a number of street style experts to isolate trendy items that can be purchased (and effectively rocked) by any aspiring fashionista.

#3: Teen’s Tweet Teaches Thousands of Confused Jewelry Lovers How to Wear Earrings (People Magazine)

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 6.16.17 PM

On a decidedly more bizarre note, a tweet from 19-year-old Chelsea Smith went viral this week after Smith claims to have discovered an earring-related life hack. Days after posting, Smith’s original tweet received over 44,000 retweets, filled with equal parts indignation, awe, and admiration. The story of her tweet has reached a number of high profile publications and even a few national news stations (Today Show on Chelsea Smith’s Earring Tweet).

#4: How to Mix Your Summer and Fall Pieces (Refinery29)


Transitional seasons present all kinds of outfit planning difficulties. While fall may still feel far away, August is the perfect time to start planning those tricky transitional fall looks. NYC fashion blogger Charlotte Groeneveld shows us a number of easy and affordable ways to make your summer wardrobe stretch, kicking off some awesome looks for fall.

#5: How Online Retailers Predict Your Perfect Outfit (Wall Street Journal)


Have you ever wondered about the interior life of outfit planning apps? Mixing practical sizing questions with more creative inquiries like: “Who is your favorite female role model?” or “Do you like this photographed outfit?” fashion apps have developed complex algorithms to deliver the perfect clothes to your doorstep. Wardrobe delivery services like MM.Lafleur’s Bento Box ask users to complete a brief survey, then ship 4-6 curated items free of charge. You get to try everything on at home and only pay for what you keep. What magical sorcery is this?

#6: The Late Summer/Early Fall Trend You’re Going to Want to Try (Glamour)


This summer has marked a sweet spot in the recent history of new and exciting fashion trends. From the retro 70s resurfacing to new boho-chic urban trends, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see some of these carry over into fall. So, what’s the hottest new trend on the block? Check out this fabulous piece from Glamour to find out.

#7: Fashion Bloggers Reveal Secrets to Mobile Deal Hunting (ABC News)

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 6.06.51 PM

Why is it that mobile users frequently tend to browse but not buy on their devices? A recent study shows that most mobile shoppers will actually go out of their way to switch to a desktop before purchasing, which may cause them to miss out on hidden deals. Top fashion blogging experts dish on the best way to browse and buy safely on your mobile device. The results may surprise you!

#8: Celeb Tricks for Upgrading Your T-Shirt’s Style Profile (InStyle)


There’s nothing like throwing on an old favorite T-shirt, except maybe finding a way to make that T-shirt look fashion-forward. Don’t worry, this isn’t a dream: a recent piece from InStyle reveals a number of smart ways to class up your typical tee, as demonstrated by a number of sartorially-minded celebs. Goodbye drab weekend wear, hello fast fabulous!

#9: How to Wear Short Suits that Look Pretty, Polished, and Professional (Huffington Post)


Between the scorching temperatures outside and the typically frigid summer office buildings, outfit planning can get a little complicated. The Huffington Post brings us a number of timely looks that transform the typical pair of shorts into a chic and professional item in the ultimate August wardrobe. Complete with removable layers for easy wear, HuffPo covers the brunch outfit, date night look, and work shorts.

#10: 8 Chic Outfits to Try with What Remains of the Summer (Marie Claire)


No matter how old you are, the end of summer never ceases to bring a certain dose of heartbreak. Part of that pain is saying goodbye to summer styles and the warm weather that precludes them. Not to worry! If you’re having end-of-summer anxiety, check out Marie Claire’s latest guide to all the best seasonal outfits to rock before the summer ends.


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