Outfit Ideas: What to wear with a Blazer - 1

Outfit Ideas: What to Wear With a Blazer

Spring may have arrived, but things are still a bit chilly outside. Luckily you don’t have to keep your favorite summer outfits tucked away for three more months. Instead, head to your favorite local boutique and pick up a couple of bright colored or floral patterned blazers to freshen up your spring wardrobe. Not sure what style is right for you? Here are a few tips for selecting your new blazer:

  • Go Over Sized: Boyfriend blazers are in for 2013, so don’t be afraid to try a bigger size (you can always just steal one from your boyfriend’s closet). Just cuff the sleeves and step out with confidence.
  • Pop Color, Patterns, Stripes: This year it is all about incorporating color, so don’t be shy about trying on some bold new colors when shopping for your new look.
  • Think Modern: These are not your mother’s blazers, so avoid anything with shoulder pads!

Once you have found the perfect blazer, pair it with any of your favorite summer dresses, wear it to the office, and even rock it on your Saturday night out. Here are three cute ways you can style your blazer:

Weekend Outing:

Outfit Ideas: What to wear with a Blazer - 1

{Shop this look :  Yellow Gold Chain Necklace // Yellow Gold Drop Earrings}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

The Office:

Rock your blazer at work with this professional yet edgy ensemble.

{Shop this look : Yellow Gold and Bead Bracelet // Yellow Gold Twisted Earrings}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

Night Out:

A blazer is always a great look for a night out on the town.

{Shop this look : Striped Bangle Bracelet // Spike Bib Necklace}

Shop the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

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One thought on “Outfit Ideas: What to Wear With a Blazer”

  1. Guess what, black will ALWAYS be the new black. It’s classic and aaywls in style. Up here in the NYC area it’s a standard almost to a fault (I try to mix it up a little to get out of a black rut) but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t aaywls look good. Plus black is a great canvas for layering accessories and other notes of color like you’ve done with the gold chains and brown boots. I think it’s adorable. Hey, it’s your party and you can wear black if you want to! :)

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