What to wear on a first date outfit

Outfit Ideas: What to Wear on a First Date

First dates can be nerve wracking, but picking the right outfit can go a long way in quelling first date jitters. Of course picking the outfit has its own challenges, especially if you aren’t sure where you going, or what you will be doing. Here are a few rules for selecting just the right look:

  1. Dress up: Skip the jeans on a first date, there will be plenty of chances to dress down in the future, so bring your fashion A game. Wear something that makes you feel special and attractive, but don’t go overboard, you don’t want to come off as high maintenance. 
  2. Be comfortable: While a first date might feel like the right occasion to buy a new dress, avoid the urge! The last thing you need is an outfit that is untested, otherwise you might discover your dress sleeves keep falling or your new top pinches you. 
  3. Wear the right shoes: Part of the fun of a first date is not knowing what might happen! You could end up at a venue with no seating or change venues at some point, and you should select footwear that allows for that kind of flexibility. Now that doesn’t mean you have to abandon heels, but maybe scrap the really high stilletos that will make you teeter and totter or have aching feet. Instead opt for wedges or a ballet flats to stay comfortable and cute all night.
  4. Arrive prepared: Make sure to plan ahead for your date, get a pack of gum, a small container of perfume, a pack of tissues, anything to avoid that “whoops” moment when you realize you left unprepared.

Here are a few first date looks that are fun, fresh, and flirty:


Happy Hour is always a winning date option, low lights, drink specials, and lovely little booths to site in and stare at your date over your favorite cocktail. Don’t be afraid to wear a nice dress and throw in a green purse, some gorgeous black wedges, and just the right shade of lipstick.

Cute simple jewelry to wear with a black and white dress

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Transition from Work:

Sometimes the best time to meet up after work, but that doesn’t mean you have to create a whole new outfit! Transition your day to night with a little pop of color (like some read shoes), and don’t forget your gum!

Statement necklace with a peplum white top

{Shop this look :  Twisted gold ‘snake’ earrings // Orange triple layer bib necklace}

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Coffee Date:

A cappuccino with a side of romance might be just what you need for a first date. Linger over a good cup of coffee in your favorite green dress and don’t forget to use a little perfume to complete the look.

Statement necklace to wear with a green dress

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