Most of us have at least one little black dress. And black being a versatile color, you can accessorize it so many different ways. While fine jewelry may be great for a formal occasion, here are some fun outfit ideas on how to accessorize the versatile little black dress. With it being spring and summer approaching, we’ve chosen a little black sleeveless dress, a one shoulder dress and a black strapless dress among others.

Date night:

LBD Outfit #1

Perfect for a first date or even a potential business dinner. Keeping the entire outfit neutral allows the bright  necklace to take center stage! Matching the purse to the necklace makes the outfit look very thought out Рthe dangle earrings and ivory bracelet complete the look. View the rest of the outfit on Polyvore.

Formal Dinner:

LBD Outfit #2

Looking to make a statement? This black shoulderless peplum dress is perfect for a more formal gathering. Keeping the dress plain and simple lets the burgundy bib necklace make a big statement! Matching red tones with the necklace, the red bangle, all the way to the clutch makes the entire outfit cohesive. Finishing the jewelry off with these gold drop earrings paired with some strappy high heels and this outfit is a head turner for sure! View the complete outfit on Polyvore.

Girls Night Out:

LBD Outfit #3

This outfit on a one shoulder black dress is full of attitude and absolutely perfect for a girls night out. Every single piece of this outfit makes a statement in just the right way. All of the jewelry from the teardrop earrings to the spike necklace all the way down to the spike bracelet mirroring the necklace in shape holds the entire outfit together. View the complete outfit on Polyvore.

Girls Night Out #2:

LBD Outfit #4

I am personally falling in love with the faux leather trend lately and this outfit is something that I would wear the first chance I got! Another great girls night outfit, with a little bit more edge. Again, with the red accents, especially in the red pendant necklace yet a little bit more simplistic jewelry such as the braided bracelet and the dangle earrings. Both this outfit and the previous one would be hits for just about any night out! To view and shop the rest of the outfit, please view details on Polyvore.

Casual Outing:

LBD Outfit #5

As fun and edgy as the two previous outfits are, here is a casual outfit idea. With a figure fitting dress, knee high boots and a jean jacket you can’t go wrong. I love the little bit of color you get in the drop earrings and stretch bracelet! Keeping the beaded necklace simple is the perfect way to make it stand out!¬†To view and shop the rest of the outfit, please view details on Polyvore.

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