Based on the 345 comments we got from our survey/giveaway participants, these were the top 3 voted products in each of our jewelry categories.

We have about 300 products in our store so with 345 comments, many of the below had less than 10 votes. Many of our products were chosen by at least one person. If the below isn’t your style, please view the rest of our collection in our store. Shipping and returns are free. Click on the below images to go to the store pages.


Cobalt Blue Bib Necklace

Cobalt Blue Bib Necklace: $28

Blueberry Bib Necklace

Blueberry Bib Necklace: $36

Bronze Feather Charm Necklace

Bronze Feather Necklace: $28


Beads on a Crescent Earrings

Beads on a Crescent: $18

Antiqued Crystal Wheel Earrings

Antiqued Crystal Wheel $16

Turquoise Abstract Drop Earring

Turquoise Abstract Drop: $18


Turquoise Buckle Bangle Bracelet

Turquoise Buckle Bracelet: $24

Silver Leaf Cuff Bangle

Silver Leaf Cuff: $16

Chunky Crystal bracelet

Chunky Crystal bracelet: $16

Have a good weekend everyone!

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