Hi All – With all the different styles of bangles and bracelets out there, stacking bracelets can get overwhelming. Here are some quick suggestions on how to choose bracelets for stacking. We all have different styles and different tolerances/lifestyles for how many bangles we can wear at a time so if you have other tips on stacking, please comment below.

1) Color Consistency – For an understated look, choose one color palette and mix and match thickness and textures. For example, silver bangles in different thicknesses and textures or black bangles (leather, fabric, or even metal bangles with black accents).

2) Choose a Focal point – For a more balanced look, choose one chunky piece in a bold color (maybe a chunky enamel bangle bracelet) and stack with thinner simple bangles on one side. Wear the chunky piece as the first bracelet so it supports the other bracelets.

3) Keep it Simple – Stacking bracelets can be as simple as stacking just 2 or 3 bangles – Pick two contrasting colors of a similar style bracelet – for example, a turquoise resin bangle and a similar thickness metal bangle.

4) Touch of Bling or Color – To create focus and balance, break up your stack with a bangle with crystal or rhinestone or something in a contrasting color. This keeps balance the look and adds an interesting aspect to the stack.

Of course, some of these suggestions can be used together as well – such as adding a thin crystal bangle to the color consistent look. Clear crystal goes with anything and creates some focus to the stack.

If you have other suggestions, please comment and tell us. Do you have a system or method that you frequently use when deciding which bracelets to wear together?

The below image is a sample of what we have in our bracelets collection.

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