You can be as creative as you want with fashion jewelry but there some basic things to keep in mind. Here are some of our tips…

1. Skin tone:
If you’re fair skinned, pastel colors generally suit you. If you have darker skin, go for a darker version of the pastel shade. For example, pastel blue goes with fair skin while a deeper blue like aqua or cerulean blue is more suitable for darker skin.

2. Body type:
If you are full-figured, big beads and gemstones tend to make you look bigger. Stick to smaller stones and beads. The opposite applies to petite women – avoid wearing accessories that are too small. Try chunky beads and gemstones instead.

3. Color of your top:
If you are wearing a dark colored top, try to wear accessories that match and complement the top. Colors opposite on the color wheel go together. For example, yellow goes well with violet. If your top is multi-colored, wear a necklace that just has one color so it doesn’t clash too much with the dress. If your dress or top is in a solid color, try jewelry with more than one color to contrast with your top.

4. Necklaces: 
If you’re wearing an intricate necklace (with beads in different sizes and colors), keep the earrings simple – think studs or hoops. On the other hand, if you wear a simple single line necklace, wear a bolder pair of earrings. Just make sure their colors and pattern match. Your necklace and earrings should generally complement each other, not clash with each other.

Feel free to comment and suggest some of your basic accessorizing tips…

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